Confession time. Recently I’ve been a bit addicted to Lisa Eldridge’s blog and have been watching so many of the videos on her website. Seriously, I can’t get enough. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for a while but hadn’t really thought to investigate whether she had a blog before last weekend. Well, I investigated on Saturday morning and then spent about an hour watching video after video after video!

Bride to be

For those of you who may not know, Lisa is an amazingly talented make up artist who has worked with so many celebrities there are almost too many to count. However whilst watching her video tutorials, I was struck by how humble and gracious she is. There was one video I was watching on Saturday for example where I kept hearing a soft banging sound. I thought it was someone slamming a car door outside and so was asking my husband what it was when eventually Lisa said something along the lines of:

“Sorry about the noise, if you can hear thudding it’s a 9 and 10 year old jumping about upstairs. I did ask them to be quiet but it hasn’t worked.”

All right in the middle of showing the viewer how to apply their makeup! I really admire that humility. Here’s an incredibly successful woman, with a client list so impressive it’s staggering, making videos for people like me whilst some children jump about upstairs as she does so. Now there’s an example of how to juggle a career and family if ever I saw one!

I also like the fact that she demonstrates many of her make up routines on herself and isn’t afraid to be seen without makeup. There’s even a video entitiled ‘PMS face’ which I just loved.

I’ve been trying out the skincare routine in this video, along with some other make up tips and had some nice comments on ‘looking well’ this week from work colleagues. I didn’t rush out and buy any new products, just followed some of the advice given in this video using what I already have at home and I think it’s already making a difference. I didn’t use face masks before watching for example (even though I have a few left over from Christmas), but I’m using them now!

 Image via flickr – creative commons, video via Lisa Eldridge

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