Monday night feeling…

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How was your Bank holiday weekend (for all you UK readers out there)? Mine was lovely. Just the right mix of relaxation and getting things done! We spent the whole of Saturday in London and wandered around Spitalfields market, had lunch in a lovely little cafe and watched a film at the Everyman cinema in Baker Street. I love watching films there. You can have a cup of tea and piece of cake as you relax in big red velvet seats with lots of leg room. Old? Me? Yes!

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I also spent some time working on my One Little Word project this weekend. I have so much catching up to do! I sometimes browse through the face group page associated with the course and read other people’s posts as they worry they are not going to get that month’s task complete in time and think, opps, at least you’re further ahead than me… I’m 2 months behind! Still, it’s a work at your own pace course and I’m pretty sure that the teacher, Ali Edwards, isn’t going to tell me off for being a bit behind.


See? I’m getting there.

Hope you’re ready for the working week tomorrow and if you were at work today, I hope it was a good one.


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