Sunday night feeling – Happy Birthday Celebrate Creation!


Today marks 4 years since I registered my blog, Celebrate Creation. I can honestly say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my blog journey – I feel like I’ve learnt so much and yet still have much to learn! I remember so clearly writing my first ever blog post and being incredibly nervous as I published it. I wanted to write a short series on some interior decor shops that I loved which are based in Fowey, Cornwall. I nervously walked into all the shops I admired and asked the owners if I could take some images for my new blog, Celebrate Creation. Most said yes, some said no! Although I went bright red in the face as I asked each shop owner, I’m glad that I did as it took me out of my comfort zone, challenged me to try something new and taught me that nothing awful happens if someone says no to you. You may feel a bit embarrassed but that’s about it.

The blogging world has changed so much over those four years and bloggers are now much more influential than they once perhaps were. Now I can’t imagine any store owner saying no to some free publicity on the internet! I sound a bit bitter towards those folk who said no. I’m not honestly.

As well as learning how to add customised headers and widgets to my blog (ooh, check me out with the fancy tech lingo), I’ve also struggled at some points with the ‘success’ of my blog. Like most bloggers out there, I’ve faced common insecurities over blog content (is my writing engaging enough? what does it mean for me to find my niche in the blogosphere?) and at times felt bad that my blog readership wasn’t growing in the way I hoped it would. However, after having a day to think about these questions in more detail at Blognix a few months ago, I have found the answers to most of these questions and feel much happier about them. I’ll share more details in another post under the Educate series later on this week.

For today though, I wish to say a huge thank you to my readers and followers out there. You may be few in number but you are perfectly formed as one of my mentors at work would say! Let me know if you write a blog too and leave a link in the comments so we can follow you back.


Image via treats as tasty taters blog

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