Christmas craft: Easy DIY Christmas cards

DIY Christmas CardsThe snow is back on the blog so it’s officially the countdown to Christmas! As promised, today’s post is the first in a few seasonal DIYs that I have planned for Celebrate Creation this month. These Christmas cards were incredibly simple to make, yet look really effective.

Cards 1It’s the time of year where most companies will be sending out their Christmas brochures in the post and if you are anything like me, you’ll be receiving lots of them about now! The Anthropologie brochure had the most gorgeous styling ever this year, so much so that I was determined to reuse the catalogue in some way, rather than just flicking through it and putting it in the recycling bin. It’s rather too beautiful for that. So, I decided to tear out a few of my favourite images, trim them and stick them onto white pre-made cards instead. I now have a rather beautiful set of Christmas cards to send to some of my friends and family members.

Cards 4I’m looking forward to writing in them and may stick some silver stars on the front as an additional embellishment. What do you think? This is such a simple, yet satisfying craft DIY which is not reliant on proficient DIY skills as all of the hard work, namely the beautiful photography and styling, is done for you. Talking of photography, I apologise for mine. I tried my best but these images were taken in indoor light on a dark November evening. I was having this very conversation with my friend Ruth over lunch on Sunday as we were lamenting the woes of trying to take decent photographs during the winter months. Seeing as I work fulltime outside my home, I leave in the dark and return home in the dark so the prospects of me stealing some natural daylight is practically non-existent. Yes I know, if I were an organised blogger I’d have all my photo posts lined up and props ready for a bright Saturday or Sunday but I’m not quite there yet I’m afraid. That’s a resolution for 2015 😉

Let me know if you give these cards a try. I’d like to see your creations!

Images Celebrate Creation. Images on cards from Anthropologie 2014.

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