It’s a Monday feeling!

So, my Sunday night feeling post is a little late this week! I’m sure you can forgive me though and I guess that you are all as busy as I am at the moment. Toby and I spent a lovely weekend in Paris and although it rained a lot, being in a city as beautiful as Paris meant that it really didn’t matter. Here are a few pictures from my weekend which I’m also using as my #1day12pics entry for this month.

Parisian apartment

Paris 2

The Eiffel Tower in Winter

Rooftops in Paris

Paris 5

The first image is of the apartment we rented via air bnb. It was light, inspiring and a very relaxing place to unwind after a busy day’s shopping. I recommend you stay here if you are ever visiting – it’s in a great location in Opera and only a 2 minute walk to the large department stores of Printemps and La Fayette. You can see more images of our apartment, and rent it for yourself, here.

I took a snap of the Eiffel tower as we walked past it on our way to the museum of modern art on Saturday. As you can see, it was quite a grey afternoon, however I think that Paris can carry it off beautifully. I may be a little biased as I’m so enamoured with this city but oh well…

The circular window was in the Picasso gallery and I thought it provided a great frame to the Parisian rooftops outside. I also included a picture of Toby and I on the way home this month as I often take pictures of things we have done, but don’t really take any photographs of us.

How was your weekend? It’s nice to spend some time sharing this with you today, even if it does feel so far away now that I’m busy marking assignments!

Images: Celebrate Creation

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