Inexpensive decorating ideas for the New Year

January can signify a new start and for some, that can mean a chance to spruce up our living spaces. With dark nights in full force here in the UK it’s likely that we are spending more time indoors at present, so it’s important to make our homes cosy, inviting and nurturing. However, after a high spending season in December it’s unlikely that you have a lot to spend on home decor at the moment. That’s where these simple yet effective ideas for decorating on a budget come in.


For example, why not take existing items from around your home and make a feature out of them? You could display crockery or mirrors inside empty frames, which can be easily painted in order to create a colour scheme that fits with your existing décor. This simple idea is taken from the Country Living website which also contains lots of other inexpensive decorating ideas that you may want to try.

framed-mittens_300This is the cutest idea that I’ve come across so far. It gives a new sense of purpose to mittens who have lost their partner! You can find other ideas like this one over on Real Simple.

Speaking of new purposes, perhaps you could update a piece of furniture that you already have?

stool-medleyI up-cycled an old black foot stool that our neighbour was going to throw out a while ago and it’s still going strong in our house. All it took was some new fabric, a staple gun and some white paint. You can see the DIY I posted on it here.

Feeling inspired yet? I know I am! How will you brighten up your home this January?

Images via 1, 2, Celebrate Creation

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