Sunday night feeling

Good evening friends, how are you? How was your weekend? I’ve been feeling a bit worse for wear this weekend and so we have been taking things pretty easy. We spent the afternoon in London yesterday and wandered around Borough market and down by the Thames. It was pretty chilly but a clear sunny day so great walking weather.

Borough market, London

St Paul's cathedral, London

After a while we needed to stop for a rest and a cup of tea but as you can probably imagine, it was super busy along the South bank where we had walked to and so we couldn’t find anywhere to sit in the cafes. Thankfully we have a secret plan that we put into action whenever that happens. We go to the nearest swanky hotel and sit in their lounge or restaurant and have tea in there instead! It does work out slightly more expensive than grabbing a tea in Starbucks however you don’t need to queue or wait for a table and the surroundings are so much nicer! It’s lovely when you are looking to escape the crowds. We have one that we go to in Charing Cross if we are near that way and also a handful in South Kensington. I recommend it!

photo 2-4

I took a quick snap of Toby and our surroundings in the hotel as we waited for our tea and coffee. Not bad huh?

Have a great Monday,


Images all Celebrate Creation

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