Styling the Seasons – February

Feb STS titleI wanted to share another corner of our home for this month’s Styling the Seasons post. I didn’t get a change to participate in January sadly but am hoping to make this a regular contribution each month to my little blog. I struggled with the lighting in these images as this space is just inside our front door and so it’s not a naturally bright and airy area.

STS mosaicWe have some sticker frames on the wall opposite to our coat hooks and these are the items we currently have on display there. It’s an easy display to curate and update any time we want and it’s a nice welcome feature when we have guests over for the first time as most people stop to look at the goofy photo booth strip we have up. We took these photographs whilst on holiday in the States a few years ago. I literally had to drag Toby into the booth with me but I’m so glad I did as I love the way the photos turned out and it reminds me of a great holiday every time I put my shoes on.

If you want to see other bloggers styling the seasons, pop over to Charlotte or Katy’s blog. There are some amazing posts showcasing lots of styling talent. It’s a good place to learn and be inspired.

Images Celebrate Creation

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