Sunday night feeling


Good evening friends, how was your weekend? I spent a lovely day with my sisters yesterday and enjoyed a rather fancy afternoon tea at the Wolseley on Friday afternoon with my parents, sisters and Toby. So, with that and the cream teas we enjoyed in Fowey this past week, my sweet tooth has been very indulged. Lovely 🙂

So this week starts with a brisk walk to work for me tomorrow in an effort to get back on the health wagon. You may remember that it was a mini goal of mine to take our camera to Cornwall and to learn how to actually use it and I’m proud to say that whilst I’m not an expert by any means, I do now have a bit more of a clue and can navigate my way around it now! I’ll share my progress with you in the week, as well as a lovely shop that I visited in Fowey which has an online store.

Have a great Monday folks,


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