Spring time surprise project

Springtime project 1Last weekend I had a lovely surprise as my parcel from the Springtime Surprise project arrived. I signed up to be a part of this project a few months ago via Lucy from the blog ‘Capture by Lucy’. The idea of the project was to create a surprise parcel for a fellow blogger that Lucy had paired you up with. The value of the parcel was to be no more than £5 and we were encouraged to include handmade items and favourite recipes, meaning that there wasn’t a pressure to purchase everything in the parcel.

I received my parcel from Rebecca from ‘ReallyPrettyUseful’ (her blog is just gorgeous by the way. I recommend that you go and take a look). Rebecca had included the items in the image above for me, as well as some basil seeds; a recipe for homemade pesto and a pair of dainty little scissors which you can see hanging up on my kitchen wall below.

Springtime project 2I’m going to include some of the items Rebecca sent me in my entry for March’s ‘styling the seasons’ which I’m hoping to style and shoot this weekend.

Springtime project 3The ribbon that came wrapped around my gifts is currently being used to adorn this vase.

In return for receiving a surprise parcel, I was asked to create a similar one for Cathy, the blogger behind ‘My sweet things’. I really enjoyed thinking about what to send her based on her interests and decided upon lots of stationary and some tea. You can see the contents of other people’s parcels if you look up #springtimesurpriseproject on Instagram.

Images Celebrate Creation

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