Three easy ways to style your home for Easter

Easter Sunday is very nearly upon us. Time seems to have run away from me again as usual, but I’ve been able to decorate a spot or two of our home this year in order to mark the season. If you’re finding that Easter has crept up on you too, here are three quick ways to style your home which you should be able to complete in next to no time.

Hang small baskets using some colourful ribbon and fill with mini chocolate eggs

7e1ad7c2e8ec7c0d4e177b581436c56cRepurpose an old egg carton into a table centre piece and fill with washed egg shells containing tea lights, chocolate eggs and sprigs of whatever you have in season from the garden.

4322c7d7e4f7c3396190f6bfd064148fOr try displaying clean egg shells in egg cups. You can paint the egg shells with food dye if you have time, but if not, a simple tea light in the bottom of the egg shell should suffice.

Happy Easter weekend!

Images via All about You, Pinterest (original source unknown),Martha Stewart

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