Friday links

Friday links 24.04.15

It’s Friday once again! Yippee! How is your week so far? I’ve been keeping a note of the everyday things that I’ve been  celebrating over the past few days and I’ll be back to share that with you on Sunday evening. In the meantime, here’s some thoughtful words and creative DIYs that have been impressing me this week.

1. I’m not a painter myself but even I think I could try my hand at this watercolour DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I’ve not used art masking fluid before though. Still, it’ll be good to try something new.

2. I’m glad that Elizabeth is posting a bit more on Rosalilium again as it’s one of my favourite blogs. I enjoyed this post on the importance of taking a break.

3. Speaking of noticing and celebrating achievements, how amazing is my friend Ruth’s tee-pee DIY? She’s one talented lady!

Images via A Beautiful Mess, Rosalilium, Laura Ashley via Gathered Cheer.

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