Sunday night feeling

Celebrate Creation blogGood evening friends, how are you? After saying that I was looking forward to a quieter week at work, last week turned out to be really busy! However, I managed to check off some important writing deadlines which was good (I’m currently doing some academic research), but it did mean that I wasn’t able to schedule posts as frequently as I usually do.

I have been enjoying reading other people’s blogs though and managed to snatch 5 minutes here and there to keep up with some of my favourite reads. I’ve also started following a few bloggers over on You Tube as they venture into vlogging. I’m following Rosalilium, Not Dressed as Lamb and more recently, Sew Over It. Take a look at their channels and let me know what you think. Do you follow any vloggers? I find it hard to find content on You Tube that I’m interested in to be honest. There seems to be a lot for teenagers and women in their early twenties but not so much for the 30+!

I have some more interiors inspiration scheduled for the blog this week and also some thoughts to share on the importance of being intentional when setting goals. I’m including the latter in my educate series as I’m hoping to grow that part of the blog a bit more. So be sure to check back in!

Have a good Monday,


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