Sunday night feeling

Syon Park enchanted forest walk

Woah it’s cold. This weekend we’ve been bundled up in jumpers, hats and scarves with the central heating on and fire going in the living room. Victorian houses are chilly!

So how was your weekend? We spent the day with T’s family yesterday and had a quiet afternoon on the sofa this afternoon with the newspaper and some Christmas tea. The tea is just spiced tea from a tea shop called Dammann in Paris. We buy it every year and it’s become a bit of a tradition. Yes, we’ve started to embrace all things Christmas already. We have such a large family that it makes sense to start planning early. That and also because I love it!

Another tradition I have is to borrow a cheesy Christmas chick lit book from the library or to buy one from a book shop each year. I managed to persuade T to take me to a book shop on the way back from a meal out last week as the shops were open late so that I could take a look at this year’s offerings. The book store didn’t disappoint but I was distracted by a rather lovely looking display of 1930s Christmas crime novels and so decided to investigate further. Instead of my usual chick lit Christmas book, I bought ‘Crime at Christmas‘ by C.H.B Kitchen.


I even managed to inspire T to start his own Christmas reading tradition as he bought ‘Mystery in White’ by J. Jefferson Farjeon. Apparently it’s becoming a huge Christmas hit amongst readers although we didn’t know that when we bought it. All I can say is that T is finding it quite a scary read! I’m speeding through my novel so that I can move onto his book!


Even though I’m enjoying my book, I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll still go and hunt down some easy reading Christmas cheese at some point as I find it a great way to relax over the festive season. Do you have any yearly traditions that you follow at Christmas? Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, over the winter season?

Have a good week friends,


Images via Celebrate Creation, The Independent and Amazon

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