Interior crush: No. 1 Duke Street


On Wednesday evening Toby and I went to a new bar and restaurant in Richmond, Surrey, called No.1 Duke Street. As soon as we entered, I was struck by the pure gorgeousness of the interior design. Not a very articulate description perhaps so let me show you a few more images so that you can see what I’m talking about…




I  like the way in which light walls and flooring have been combined with edgier industrial features in the lighting and bar seating. Concrete ceilings are also used to great effect in the main restaurant where we sat for our meal. The design felt like a modern expression of 1920’s art deco to me and I just loved it. So inspiring. Do go along for a meal if you are in the area. You can visit the restaurant website here.

As soon as I got home that evening I started a Google search for the interior designer. It’s Lou Davies from Box 9 design. You can see more of their work via their website which is well worth a visit. I’m  a new fan!

Images via Design my night

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