Sunday night feeling

08ed8ce07d8a48ce17886c3aa5365e4dHello there and happy new year to you! As you have probably noticed, I’ve been playing around with my blog over the Christmas and New Year break and have decided to go for something a little different. I’ve wanted to have featured images for each blog post for a while now but haven’t had the time to sit and find another blog template that I liked until just recently. I’ve added in a few featured images already but if you scroll down my main page you will see that there are some missing towards the end. I’m hoping to catch up and put them in as and when I can but for now, please do click through to read each full blog post. There are images in each one I promise!

So how was your holiday? Mine was a good mix of being busy and catching up with family and friends and also some quiet time at home. I read 4 books, found some new interior design bloggers that I’ll introduce you to over the next few weeks and also spent some much needed planning time scheduling in some new posts for Celebrate Creation in 2016! Now that my MA is complete I’ve started a diploma in Interior design. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages as I would like to start doing some interior decorating consultancy work but I feel I need to have a bit more experience and more qualifications first. So, I’m currently trying to expand my range of experience in interiors and have two projects coming up that I am doing for friends. I’ll share what I’m up to as I go along.

So, lots planned in 2016 for me! Thank you so much for reading Celebrate Creation. I love writing this blog and having a creative outlet that is completely separate from my day job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my work as a University lecturer. It’s just wonderful to have another ‘string to my bow’ in this blog in which to explore my passion for interior design and styling that I probably wouldn’t be able to indulge in as much otherwise.

Anyway, enough about me, how about you? Any goals for 2016? As you probably know by now, I’m not one for setting New Year resolutions but am a big fan of setting fun or aspirational goals for the year. But that’s another post I’ll be back to share with you in a few days. Until then, drop me a comment or a tweet and let me know what your goals are.

Enjoy your Monday if like me you are back to work tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Sunday night feeling”

  1. Love this new look Claire, and so impressed you read 4 books over Christmas. Any recommendations? Happy new year xx

    • Hi Angie, I read some 1930’s Christmas murder mysteries. They seemed to be all the rage back then! Mystery In White by J. Jefferson Farjeon was good. Perhaps one for the Christmas reading list next year?

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