A Parisian apartment tour

Paris title

As promised, I’m here to share an apartment tour of the Air bnb apartment we rent when we visit Paris. The lady who owns it is just lovely and it’s so great to have your own space to retreat to after a day pounding the streets of Paris.

Paris 1.jpg

Paris 2.jpg

Paris 5.jpg

Paris 4.jpg

Paris 3.jpg

Now I must admit that these images were taken on my iPhone in some pretty poor light so I don’t really feel that they do the apartment justice. My favourite feature in the apartment are the floor to ceiling windows – of which you have a small glimpse here. The amount of light they let in is incredible and the wooden floor and light furnishings ensure that this space feels much larger than it is. A rare treat in the tiny apartments of Paris!

If you are thinking of visiting Paris I recommend renting an apartment like this one, especially if you are visiting for a few days.

What’s your opinion on renting apartments abroad. Is it your go to option or do you prefer hotels?

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Please note that although this may read like a promotional post for Air bnb, it isn’t! I just wanted to share this apartment with you and show you what you can rent in Paris for the same price as a mid-range hotel!


2 responses to “A Parisian apartment tour”

  1. Great photos, looks like a lovely place to stay. We’ve never rented an air Bnb place, but would love to if we didn’t have the kids with us x

  2. Looks fabulous. I may just have to get the details from you. We’ve stayed in a few Airbnb places from a slightly below par bijou apartment in NY to a fabulous wooden house on a sand dune in Norfolk!

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