Sunday night feeling


Hello there friends, how are you? We’ve been enjoying some amazingly sunny weather in England the past few days and I’ve been taking advantage of it as much as possible by sitting in the garden. We didn’t really sit out much in our previous garden as we were under the Heathrow flight path and had a noisy jet pass by every 60 seconds. This weekend though we’ve been sitting in the garden, drinking coffee and listening to the birds sing. We’ve just booked tickets for Chelsea flower show in 2 weeks time so I’m looking forward to surrounding myself with some stunning garden inspiration that will hopefully help us to design our own little outside space this summer.


In other news, my work took me to the Houses of Parliament last week for a meeting. I took my phone out whenever I could to take a few cheeky snaps. You can’t take photographs in many places but where I could, I did! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I love architecture – especially old British architecture so it was a dream to be in such an historic place.


The sunshine also enticed me back out to the local park run on a Saturday morning. I haven’t run a 5k park run for months but was pleasantly surprised that I still could and that my time hadn’t gotten any longer. It’s my goal to try and shave 5 minutes off my time by the end of the summer. (I take a long time to run 5k so this isn’t as impressive as it may first sound!)

So what does your week ahead hold for you? I have a fair few evening meeting this week but have reached a lot of marking deadlines at work recently so the pace should be a bit slower in the office this week. Famous last words…?

Enjoy your Monday!


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