How to upcycle a chest of drawers

Despite the recent weather in the UK (snow, rain and some very grey skies), I’m reliably informed that Spring is actually on its way! I find the start of spring very motivating and with that comes lots of interiors planning as I start to think about updates that we might want to make to our home – there are a few areas that desperately need some TLC, such as our garden. Ok, technically that’s the exterior of our home, but you catch my meaning.

Last year I wrote a post for Laura Ashley, where I shared how to update a Malm chest of drawers from Ikea. This was in preparation for our upcoming adoption as we needed to start thinking about changing our guest room into a child’s bedroom. It was quite challenging to plan at the time as we didn’t know if we would adopt a boy or a girl, or even what age they would be. Therefore I needed to go for something quite gender neutral and also as age neutral as possible. I’m really happy with the way the DIY turned out and even happier now that a year later they are standing proudly in my son’s room. They are missing a few bits of paper on the top drawer though as his little grabby hands have pulled a few bits off (he’s a toddler). However, I’ve managed to re-stick the paper down that he has prised loose so all in all, they’ve lasted quite well!

Malm after.jpg

If you are interested in updating some of your own furniture this springtime, you can see a full tutorial on how I did this over on the Laura Ashley blog. Let me know if you give it a try!

Have a great week,


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