Bringing influences from the art world into your home

The best interior accessories are the ones that cause you to ask questions. I love going to my friend’s houses and asking for the stories behind some of the pieces they have on display. I guess I’m a bit nosey. With this in mind, I wanted to share about a recent addition to our sofa that has a great story. It’s a cushion featuring the work of Breon O’Casey.


Marks and Spencer Home have collaborated with Conran to feature the work of the British artist and with prices starting from just £15, it’s an affordable way to bring some art into your home. As you know, I try to bring in influences from art galleries and museums into our little home here in London and so I was delighted to add this cushion to our double chair which we bought from Kempton antiques market last year.


This double chair is in our dining room and sits just across from the dining table. It’s near our front door too so is perfect for sitting on to put on/take off shoes, or to pull over to the dining table as extra seating when we extend it to seat ore than 4 people. It’s also in the darkest part of the house though so is tricky to take photographs in so here’s another picture with a bit less sunshine on the cushion!

What do you think? I love the simplicity of the print and the black and white works perfectly with the overall design in the room. It was meant to be!

You can find out more about the cushions via the Marks and Spencer Home website. In fact, the entire Conran collection is well worth browsing. The Conran ‘design for living’ philosophy is one that I very much agree with. There’s so much to celebrate in the design world. Let’s get it’s influence into our homes!

Images Celebrate Creation

Disclaimer: The cushion was sent to me by Marks and Spencer and I chose to review it (they didn’t ask me to). I wanted to share it as it fits with my design aesthetic and I genuinely think it’s a lovely product that you should check out!

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