A guide to creating a festive kitchen


If you’re an interiors fan like me, then you probably love this time of year as it gives you an opportunity to mix up your usual interior accessories in favour of something more festive. I’ve spoken about how to create a cosy Christmas bedroom in a recent post, so next let’s move on to the kitchen. Follow these three design tips and you’ll have a chic and effortless kitchen space in no time.


1) Hang ornaments in front of the kitchen window. This is something that I’ve done for the past few years now and it always looks great. I use it as an opportunity to hang larger, more decorative baubles, that I may not have a full set of. You know, the ones that cost far too much for you to buy a whole set for your tree but that you can’t possibly pass by in Anthropologie!


2) Don’t forget to look up. Take this time as an opportunity to declutter the tops of your kitchen cabinets (yes, I know you have things stuffed up there just like I do) and instead fill the space with a string of fairy lights or baubles.


3) Create a display from everyday items. I’m sure if you looked in the cupboards you could find an old box that you can turn on its side. Pop in a few of your favourite mugs and fill some jars with hot chocolate powder, mini marshmellows and candy canes (you can pick up packs of candy canes from the pound shop) and voila! A simple and pretty festive display.

Which of these ideas will you try?

Images via: The room edit,  Vibekedesign, Lizmarie blog, Funky junk interiors

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