Sunday night feeling

Hello there readers, how are you? I wanted to write a chattier blog post this evening in order to update you all with some life news and let you have a sneak peek into life behind the computer screen. For newer readers, you’ll find that my ‘Sunday night feeling’ posts are the ones where I share more about my personal life. They were some of the first posts I ever wrote back when I started this blog around 7 years ago (7 years!)

The photo above is of me and Mr P in 2012, just after we had been approved as adopters in the UK. We had been matched with Bugsy at this point and were taking photos of ourselves around the house with a toy bunny, in order that his foster carer could show him who his ‘forever mummy and daddy’ were and also so that he could get to know the toy bunny. We gave Bugsy the bunny the first time we met him and he’s had it ever since. It’s been two years since then and life has been a whirlwind of getting to know Bugsy, adjusting to life as parents of a toddler (pretty steep learning curve let me tell you. Especially as he didn’t sleep much for the first 9 months) and learning to juggle work/parenting/everything and everyone else!

During this time I have gone from working full time as a senior lecturer at a London University, to being on adoption leave and then returning to work part-time working for 2 and then 3 days a week. On Friday I said good bye to my part-time contract though as I left my job. The reason? Mr P and I have just been re-approved as adopters again and hope to adopt a sibling for Bugsy in a few months time. It’s pretty intense stuff as we are also in the process of moving house, but we have now sold our home and are waiting for the chain we are in to get to the position where we can all exchange contracts and get on with the business of moving.

So, lots of change coming up for us! What does that mean for the blog? Well, hopefully more content and more regular posting from me. I’m officially a freelance lecturer now as I am still delivering the odd lecture and marking assignments for my old University and am hoping to expand that even more into freelance consulting in my field of teacher education. I’m also pursuing interior design work with more intention now that I am in the precious position of working from home 3 days a week until we move.

My other goal is to gain more experience in interior styling. I have a masterclass coming up with the British Institute of Interior Design, which I’m really excited about and I’m trying to gain more experience in this field as a styling assistant. So lots to keep me busy!

I know that once our new addition comes to join the family I will need to pour my focus and energy into that for a good while – I’m not expecting it to be easy – and so I’m making the most of the next few weeks/months before we move as much as I can.

In the meantime I’ll be sure to share what I’m up to and also any top tips that I learn from the styling masterclass.


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