Which season is your home?

Ever wondered why you love decorating with some colours and not others? This is why…

Whenever I meet with a new client for work, I make sure to spend time talking about colour. It’s a big part of the design consultation! Colour can affect our mood in a big way and getting the colour scheme right for your home is vital. Lots of my clients don’t know where to start though and so taking the time to ask the right questions is really important. I even have a questionnaire that my clients fill out for me so that I can discern which colour palettes will work best for them.

If you’re not sure why you are drawn to certain colours over others then finding out which ‘season’ of colour you enjoy is good place to start. It’s likely that you will prefer a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter colour palette and that these tints, tones or shades of colour are already in your home somewhere. (They are almost definitely in your clothing choices).

Are you Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

If you’re drawn to pastel hues and love the Spring sunshine, then a Spring colour palette is probably for you!

Spring colour lovers are usually drawn to all things pastel. Think soft pastel colours on the walls, fabrics with gentle colour and pattern and perhaps lots of florals. You like light and airy rooms and probably avoid dark colours such as navy on the walls.

Or perhaps you prefer the colour intensity of summer?

Summer colours have a stronger saturation that their pastel cousins. If you are drawn to a summer decorating palette, you probably love bright and bold colours. You’re not easily intimidated at the thought of using colour and go for a ‘the bigger the better’ approach!

If you’re more into that hygge feel, then Autumn may be for you.

Autumn colours have a bit less intensity and a bit more depth. The colour palette is more muted and warmed by grey or black undertones in the main hue of red, blue, yellow or green. If you are drawn to the colours of the leaves as the trees change and like to get out the comfy throws and blankets, then Autumn may be the perfect colour palette for you.

Winter is ideal for those intense and moody decorating schemes

When decorating with a Winter colour palette, the colours will be much darker and have shades of black as their base note. Think the deep, rich reds of Christmas, navy blues and deep maroon. You may find yourself leaning towards a more minimalist style of decor if you like a Winter palette too. You may have glossy white cabinets in the kitchen, with very little out on the counter tops for example.

Which colour palette are you most drawn to?

So which is your favourite from our 4 mood boards? I personally love an Autumn scheme, which you’ll probably have realised already if you follow me on Instagram! (You can find me @claireparkininteriors). My home is definitely decorated with an Autumnal colour palette and I also dress using those colours too. Being a red head I’ve often found that the Spring/Summer colours clash with my hair too much!

If you’re interested in finding out more, or want more details on how I can help you find the ideal colour palette for your home, head on over to the Services page or fill out the contact form. It’ll be great to hear from you!


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