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Ever wondered why some people have a home that ‘flows’ between each room? This is why…

Image via Homes To Love, Australia

Designing the interior of your home can feel like a daunting task. Trying to find a scheme that works in every room so that your home ‘flows’ can be intimidating. Never fear! Today I’m here to share one simple styling tip that will ensure there is cohesion between the rooms in your home. It’s called ‘The Red Thread’.

What’s the Red Thread?

The Red Thread is a colour, texture, or theme that runs throughout each room in your home. It can be as simple as having the same wall colour in each room, or even the same style of accessory (for example, black picture frames in each room).

This house from Australia’s ‘Homes to Love’ is a great example.

Image via Homes to Love, Australia

Choosing a colour palette is important

This gorgeous home in Portland has distinct rooms, yet each one is cohesive and in harmony with the other. The owners have achieved this through having a simple, calm colour palette of soft pinks and earthy tones of sand and russet brown. They have also used wood, exposed brick and plants to create depth and harmony in each room.

Image via Homes to Love, Australia
Image via Homes to Love, Australia

What’s your Red Thread?

How about you? Do you have a red thread that runs throughout your home? In my house, we have lots of plants (my husband’s obsession) and so I use them in each room to add connectivity between the spaces. We also use black frames for lots of our pictures and have black accents in light fittings and some accessories.

If you’d like some help in creating your own ‘red thread’ then send me a message as I’d love to help. You can reach me on or alternatively, take a look at the different interior design packages that I offer here. There’s something for every budget!

You can see the entire tour for this Portland home over at Homes to Love.

Images in this post all via Homes to Love. Photography by Aaron Leitz

Design of apartment by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, USA.

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