A gift for booklovers

My Greatest Adventures 8x8 Fine Art PrintSurprise yerself - a miniature book necklace

So in Loveschool girl, 8x10 fine art print

I love to read. It’s one of the perfect ways for me to relax – provided the material is good! If you have any book lovers in your life, then why not try out this great idea that inspired me when I visited the Country Living Fair…

Go to a local charity shop, Ebay, Amazon – whatever’s easiest. Find some old Penguin classics, group them together and fasten a piece of vintage styled ribbon around them and you have a beautiful yet inexpensive gift.

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Antique silk chocolate satin taffeta ribbon dolls millinery french bebe = a personalised gift.

Images: 1 –  TheLightFantastic  2 –  Veterok    3 –  Harem6     4 – WarmWhispers   5 – Penguin Classics    6 – Duchesstrading