Today I’m inspired by:

Black Cactus in London. I came across this online store on Folksy and love the designs and use of colour. Just the thing to brighten up these grey days! My favourite items are:




        Turquoise cactus hand printed fabric

Large image 

Just the thing for a home project. I want to make a lavender bag for my car – my sister has one and it smells gorgeous – I think this fabric will be just the thing..  

              Zombie bunnies shopper tote bag 

Large image 

How cool?! Did I mention that all the items are hand printed? Great creations.

                   Plastic bag dispenser

 Large image 

My gran made one of these  for my mum and I’ve always loved it. Although I take my own bags to the shops you inevitably end up with a few carriers from somewhere so why not store them stylishly whilst you’re waiting to recycle them? Have a good weekend my friends.

 Images: Black Cactus