Time to get organised

I don’t know about you but I always have 101 things on my ‘to do’ list rushing around in my head. Whether it be work related, family that I need to catch up with, friends that I haven’t said hi to in ages or even just loading the washing machine – the list is always endless! I guess this subject is at the forefront of my mind also as lots of magazines/current publications seem to have some form of advice for organising your life at the moment.

So, I’ve decided to join them.  Are there really quick and simple things you can do to help you stay more organsied (and give you clear headspace to think of other things, rather than just your to do list)? Also, is there a way to actually savour the moment and enjoy doing those things, rather than them becoming just another box to tick off?

My first step was to sign up for a weekly handy hints email from Aby Garvey’s Creative Organizing blog. I know, I know, yet another email being sent to your inbox may not be an idea you immediately leap at, but I find Aby’s style honest and realistic – she doesn’t expect you to achieve all that she suggests all at once! No guilt trip there. 

 Check it out and let me know what you think. Any top tips from my lovely readers would also be very much appreciated!