I know I don’t usually blog about my job but there are just some days that I can’t help sharing. Today was one of them. It was Roman day. 26 excited 8 and 9 year olds dressed up as Roman men, women and Gladiators. Throw in a wet play day due to the rain and you’ve got organised¬†(yet very fun) chaos on your hands. I had to confiscate a pile of plastic Roman weapons at break time to ensure that there were no ‘accidental’ renactments of Gladiator scenes whilst I was out of the classroom. I had to chuckle inwardly to myself as I declared to my class “Put all your weapons behind my desk please. There will be no weapons out during breaktime”. In what other situation can you say that and not need to call the police?!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Image: cparkin

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