Sunday night feeling…

Evening all, hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend.

I’ve decided upon a new weekly feature for the blog called ‘Sunday night feeling’. I’ve been studying Elsie from Red Velvet’s e-course on blogging and regular features is something she recommends, so here’s one of mine. Sunday night feeling is my way to look forward to the week ahead instead of feeling downcast at the thought of lots of hard work and early rises! I read in an article recently that Monday is the favourite day of the writer, as she looks forward to all she will achieve that week. What a great attitude! I have to admit that I’ve written off Mondays as a ‘bad day’ as it’s usually the day when I work at least a 10 – 12 hour stint and feel like I have too much on to get anything done properly. Well no more! It’s my aim to start the thoughts about each Monday the Sunday night before and I’m determind they will be positive – oh yes! I’m going to post items that inspire, fond memories or just beautiful pictures. I’m sure it’ll evolve over time but the theme will always be a hopeful outlook for the week ahead.

Tonight I’m posting some pictures taken by my husband of one of the best holidays I’ve ever had in France. We went with a group of mates from our church and it was a laugh a minute. 3 of those friends now live in Russia and I know V checks in from here from time to time, so S, V and Z – these are for you!xxx

Have a GREAT Monday everyone.

Images: cparkin

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