Sweet and simple craft

I spent a lot of time this past Sunday crafting and making in our home study. It was a lovely way to relax! I thought I’d share a quick ‘5 minute make’ with you today:

As you can see, all I did was glue on some ribbon around an empty glass yogurt pot! I measured the length of ribbon that I needed first by rolling it around the pot and then used some Bostik all purpose glue to fix it in place. And that’s about the extent of the ‘crafting skills’ needed for this make! Seriously though, I know a child could do it but I promise you that it does look good on my desk. I have one at work for storing coloured tack pins in and then one at home for some Cath Kidston pencils I got for Christmas. No way I’m taking those pencils in to work. They’d be gone in 5 minutes!

P.S: I’ll be sharing the make details for the embroidery hoop notice board that you can also see in the picture next Tuesday. I promise you that it’s more complicated than todays 🙂

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