Sunday night feeling

We have a new addition to our household this weekend. Noche, our new cat. Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures yet as she won’t come out from behind the TV console! We’ve discovered a new aisle in our lcoal supermarket, the pet one, in order to pick out a water and food bowl etc and now we are just waiting for her to come out and use them.

Regular readers may have noticed that my usual interiors post was missing on Thursday. Apologies for this. I hope you understand when I tell you that I had a mini meltdown on Thursday evening due to a large workload and other such things so unfortunately blogging had to go on the backburner that evening! Still, I did enjoy writing a post for Natural History last week and featured these rather adorable faux animal trophys from Studio Gnu which I recommend you check out. My favourite is Mr Hare here:

Here’s hoping for a less busy week ahead (famous last words!) Have a good Monday. C.x