Sunday night feeling

I’m setting myself a challenge this week. Every day I’m going to try and spend half an hour after work with no tv, no twitter; no blogging even. Just quiet. Why? Because life is busy but today I had an interesting conversation with someone who said that we have more time now than ever before. Really? Apparently so. More time compared with older generations at least. My friend had to go on to explain as I’ll be honest, I rarely feel as if I have lots and lots of spare time!

However, my friend was right. In the past, there were some activities that took a whole day. Like washing clothes for example. There was a time when you would need to wash everything by hand, ring it through a mangle etc. And now? Well, now we just throw a load in the machine and then move on to other things. It’s the moving on to other things that my friend was arguing took away all our time. For me, I know that I rarely like to sit in silence. I always have the tv or radio on in  the background to make some noise as soon as I get in from work. However, I’m going to see if enjoying the silence does me some good and helps me to slow down and perhaps even gain back some time that I feel rushes by so fast every evening. My plan is to stop and think when I get home (and by that I mean think about how I am going to spend my evenings and what tasks I am going to do or how I am going to relax) rather than head straight to the tv or internet. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. I’ll let you know!

Have you tried anything similar? Let me know what your thoughts/experiences are.

Have a good Monday,


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