Sunday night feeling…


This weekend has been full of brunch, catching up with friends at church and watching lots of movies as the grey weather means that all I’ve wanted to do is cosy up on the sofa with my hubby.

Last weekend in Sunday night feeling, I posted about a challenge that I was going to set myself of enjoying 30 minutes of silence after work in the week. I must say that after doing it I would thoroughly recommend it – if your life circumstances permit it of course. I found that spending half an hour with no tv, radio or internet actucally helped me to feel as if I had more time in the evening, as time didn’t whizz by whilst I was distracted by something else. I have to admit that I didn’t sit down and do nothing for those 30 minutes. I sometimes read or had a bath (I even went to an exercise class during one of them) but not walking in from work and instantly turning on the tv or internet in a bid to zone out and relax actually did me the world of good, helped me to reclaim time and relax in far better ways as it was more meaningful.

Give it a go and let me know if you find the same. It’s good to mix life up and try something new and out of your normal routine. This week I’m planning a book swap party – for no other reason that I’ve wanted to hold one for ages. I’m busy looking for inspiration and hosting ideas on pinterest and Martha Stewart at the moment. I’ll be sure to fill you in on the details once everything is finalised!

For now though, have a great Monday.


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