A quick catch up…

Hi there. It’s been a while since I was last able to blog but as ever, here I am again! No Sunday night feeling last night as today we are enjoying a Bank Holiday Monday in the UK and in true holiday fashion, I was out enjoying an evening meal with Mr P as there was no work to go to in the morning!

We spent a gorgeous weekend with my parents in Kent and had a great time in Hythe on Saturday, enjoying all the vintage and charity shops. This place in particular was my favourite discovery:

Full of vintage books, crockery and jewellery (as well as buttons and threads) it sure kept me happy.

My favourite find of the day was these vintage postcards. At only 20p a card and dating all the way back to 1920, it would’ve been criminal to walk away! The handwriting on them is absolutely beautiful and if I dare say it, I think that we are losing that art with every passing generation.

Got any exciting finds yourself? Leave a link and let me see. Have a good week,


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