Today I’m inspired by…Brita Sweden

I’m on the look out for a bedroom rug and would love a Scandinavian design. Enter Brita Sweden.

This family run business specialises in plastic woven rugs and super soft blankets. Here’s a few that have caught my eye…

 You can find further details over on the Brita Sweden website. As the rugs are made and shipped from Scandinavia, they carry a bit of a price tag. So if you’re inspired by the style why not check out Ikea’s range of floor rugs? This Lappljung Ruta rug is a great alternative.






Images via Brita Sweden and Ikea

3 responses to “Today I’m inspired by…Brita Sweden”

  1. Love those shelves in the top pic with all the pictures on – great find. Was lovely meeting you at Summerhill and Bishop! Hope you’re well 🙂

    • Lovely to see you too. I am very well thanks, hope you are too? Just read your last days of Autumn post. Loving the jumper and the scoks. Brings out the ‘old lady knitting by the fire’ in me!

  2. Wow. I love this style of pattern. It’s something I’d really love to get into. I’m more of a product designer though. Have you got any experience of creating these styles of pattern? What kind of objects / software do you think are used?

    I wish I could do this aha

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