New Year, new challenge

365 photo journal


Hi friends, I hope that your new year celebrations were exciting. I stayed in with a movie, indian takeaway and family. It was bliss!

As I was reading through some of my regular blog reads, I came across this great idea and have decided to record each day throughout the year by taking an image and uploading it via Instagram. I plan on making a book early next year of all of my photographs. I’m sure most days will just be boring images of my desk or something but it’s quite fun to try and think of imaginative ways to capture the everyday life of 2013! I also made some goals towards the end of 2012 and one of them was to record the everyday but lovely as I affectionately call it so I’m sure that this will help me to achieve this.

Yesterday we went on a New Year’s day walk in Kew gardens so there were plenty of gorgeous photo opportunities around – the above being one of them. I’m not sure that every day this year will be quite so picturesque…

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  1. […] the start of 2013, I decided to document the year via a #365 day photo project. I wanted to take snap shots of everyday life on my i-phone with the aim of making a small book at […]

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