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Time for another Friday follow on the blog. Today it’s the lovely new (or fairly new) magazine The Simple Things. This magazine is. just. gorgeous.


I’ve seen it out in the shops for the past few months but have been busy buying its sister magazine ‘Mollie Makes’ and so couldn’t really justify spending out any more on monthly magazines – I have two other monthly subscriptions already. However, I picked up issue 5 yesterday and have been enjoying it ever since. This is the kind of magazine that you don’t want to throw out or recycle after reading, but instead curate it somewhere in your home. ‘Oh joy’ my hubby cries! I have a lot of ‘curated’ magazines already.

The Simple Things blog is also worth a look. I’m currently doing this and am very grateful for the free printable via Susannah Conway. Other favourite posts include this one and also this one too!

If I’m honest I’ve been looking for something a bit more fresh in a magazine for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of the other monthly women’s magazines out there, but it is so refreshing to read something that relates a little more to my everyday life. It is assumed in the magazine that you want to hang out with your family and friends in order to share a meal, not read about a celebrity’s latest antics (which are probably false anyway). Yes, we do want to do that, and, more importantly, that’s what we should be celebrating and treasuring.

Intelligent, well designed and relevant to real life. Well done The Simple Things!

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