Pin it, do it!



If you are anything like me, you probably spend ages on Pinterest filling your boards with all sorts of inspiring images but perhaps never actually revisit the pins once you have them pinned? I find that I’m always pinning craft tutorials in particular but don’t get as much time to try them out as I’d like. That’s why I’m starting this new series called ‘Pin it, do it’. This is where I’m going to chronicle my own craft or DIY makes as inspired by the wealth of amazing tutorials that I find on the web.

My first entry in this series is some wall art that I created which was originally based on this pin:



I found this tutorial on the blog Pocketful of Pretty and decided to make my own. However, instead of using song lyrics, I used a Bible verse that I think speaks a lot of sense and has some great advice to live by.





I bought the canvas from a local art shop for about £3.00 and used a pencil to write on the words to make sure they fit before going over them with a  black sharpie. Once the ink was dry, I gently removed any pencil marks that I could still see. It’s a great way to add affordable and unique art to your home – give it a try!

Have you made anything for your home as a result of a Pinterest find? Please do leave a comment and a link to your blog if you have as I’d love to see.

Original art work from Pocketful of Pretty

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