Sunday night feeling



It’s been pretty quiet around here recently as Mr P and I headed off on a barge holiday around London for a week as part of his dad’s 60th birthday celebrations. We took the barge down the Thames mid way through the week and it was incredible – if not a little scary. The Thames clipper boats were huge in comparison to our little barge (even if it was 70 ft!) and so at times I felt very vulnerable but the views we had from the river of some of the main landmarks in London were incredible.



Seeing London from the canals was amazing. It’s remarkable how quiet life on the canal is – it’s very easy to forget you are in the capital city. One of my favourite memories from the week was travelling through Camden and working our way through the Camden locks. It was the first series of locks we had to navigate and apart from Mr P’s dad, we had no idea what we were doing! Couple that with some pretty large crowds of people hanging out on the bridges and down the canal tow paths waiting to watch you work your way through the locks and you are left with some pretty epic stage fright!



Thankfully everything went without a hitch thanks to an incredible woman who navigated all the locks on her own and showed us what to do. Plus all the folk in Camden were pretty darn friendly and were more than happy to help us undo locks and push gates. If you ever get the opportunity to experience London in this way then I highly recommend it. We have some amazing memories of our trip. Now it’s back to work – what does your week have in store? Whatever you are doing, have a good one my friends.


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