Inside the home of a photographer

I secretly love having a snoop aroud the homes of people who have creative professions as it’s usually an interesting way to see how their day job influences their home style. Whilst reading the Pottery Barn blog, I came across the home of photographer Kristen Vincent and my, what a pretty home she has!

Pottery Barn house tour 1

Pottery Barn house tour 2 Pottery Barn house tour 3 Pottery Barn house tour 4 Pottery Barn house tour 5

I personally love yellow and grey as a colour combination and think that Kristen’s use of the colours throughout her home is just gorgeous.

Readers in the UK may be aware of a recent TV programme on channel 4 called ‘Fill your home for free’ which involved the presenter (Kirstie Allsopp), scouring the internet to find unwanted items that were being given away for free. They were then restyled and used in people’s homes. This house tour reminded me of that concept as Kristen has used mason jars for a light fixture and a restyled door as a piece of wall art. She also has a headboard made from crates which you can see in the full tour here.

Images via Pottery Barn

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