Something a little different…

Sergey Makhno 1

Sergey Makhno 2

Sergey Makhno 3

My last post was about goal setting and growth so here’s a peek into some of the design images that I’ve been looking at in order to try and develop my interior design style.

My favourite detail in this home is the lighting. I love good lighting and think it’s so important for helping to create a relaxing or welcoming ambience in your home. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’d like to live in this apartment as it’s a bit to minimalist and structured for my taste. However, I’d love to have a work planning meeting here as I find that it inspires me lot. Funny how our personalities look for different design elements for different occastions huh?

What are your thoughts?

Images via Sergey Makhno

2 responses to “Something a little different…”

  1. I like it… my dad would hate it, he is always straightening pictures on my wall! I can imagine him going straight to the bed to try and straighten the headboard! It would make me feel like i’m in some sort of dream world, would like that.

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