Friday links

Welcome to the first Friday links post of 2014. I know it’s not the first Friday of the year but it’s the first work Friday of a full week so that’s worth celebrating in my opinion. This week I’m sharing the blog love and posting links to other bloggers that I have enjoyed reading this week.

Kendi EverydayFirst up, Kendi Everyday. I love this girl – woman I should say – and her writing style. She’s witty and kinda sarcastic which as I Brit I appreciate as that’s our humour. I enjoyed reading Kendi’s post on ‘worth it’ accessories.


I’m going to give these monogrammed tea towels a try from Lia Griffith’s blog.

Decor8 flowers

I liked reading ‘Looking ahead to Spring’ on Holly Becker’s Decor8 blog. I love finding out about other people’s goals and plans. I guess I’m just a bit nosey really.

Happy Friday folks, have a great weekend!

Images via Kendi Everyday, Lia Griffith, Decor8


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