Sunday night feeling



This week we…

Had a birthday meal out for my husband. He really loves a polish restaurant in South Kensington which allegedly was used as a place for spies to smuggle information to one another. There was no smuggling of information whilst we were there (as far as I know), just lots of good food. The picture above was taken there last year when we went for a meal for his birthday. You can kinda tell that he really likes the restaurant now can’t you? Anyhow the daffodils were blooming last year but not so far this year…if you are in the UK and suffering from all the rain and flooding then my sympathies go out to you. Hopefully Spring is on its way.

I also spent two evenings driving into London after work to pick up my poor stranded hubby as he couldn’t get home very easily due to the tube strikes. They are due to strike again this week. Here’s hoping that they don’t!

We acted like children on Friday, took a day of annual leave from work and went to the Harry Potter Warner Brother’s studio tour. It was great 🙂 If you get the chance to go then please do. It’s so much fun. I’ll share a few photos in the week.

So, after all that, the weekend was pretty quiet. Full of errands, watching movies and reading. I’ve read two books from my list of 12 already. I meant to share the remaining 6 with you last week, however, as usual work life was busy and as my blog is a writing project I do for pleasure, my day job has to take priority! I’m hoping to get that post written and blogged this week though.

What did you get up to?

Have a good Monday,


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