Recently pinned

Here’s a peek into some interiors images that I’ve been pinning recently…

Bedroom lighting

This image caught my eye as it shows an interesting way to add some extra lighting to your bedroom. We still have fairy lights up in our room leftover from Christmas as it creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere when I/we are in there reading at night. I’m thinking of ordering some more of the ball lights above from Ebay though. I bought some a while ago for our living room and they are fab.

Small office space

Proof that you can make the most out of even the smallest spaces if you put your mind to it!

White shelving

We are on the look out for some white open shelving for our kitchen so I’m pinning lots of images at the moment in order to gain some ideas on how to style them. I like the look of one or two statement colours against the white in this image. It keeps it simple yet striking.

What have you been pinning recently? Any good finds? You can take a look at my boards here.

Images via: 1) Source unknown but found here. Please do let me know if you are aware of the original credit! 2) via, 3) Source unknown. Again, please let me know if you know!

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