Sunday night feeling

Industrial style wire lightsAt the start of 2013, I decided to document the year via a #365 day photo project. I wanted to take snap shots of everyday life on my i-phone with the aim of making a small book at the end of the year/start of 2014. I didn’t actually stick to taking a photograph a day – there were only so many pictures of cups of tea and my work desk that I wanted in the book (!) plus I didn’t want the project to turn in to a chore. It was important for me that the project remain ‘just for fun’. I did pretty well though and had over 300 photos at the end of the year. As I look back through the images now I’m so glad that I did it; it makes a good change from a traditional photo album.

Needless to say the habit of taking photos on my phone has stayed with me and I often document interior design or interior accessories that inspire me whilst I’m out and about (as well as remembering to capture everyday life). The light fittings above are from a local restaurant that Mr P and I sometimes eat in and I love the colour of them. It’s such a simple idea too. They’re usually the best ones aren’t they?

I have another interior post and also a further instalment for the ‘educate’ series lined up for you this week so be sure to check back. Look forward to seeing you then!

Have a good week,


Image – Celebrate Creation

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