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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a certain degree of pressure when flicking through interior design books or magazines. Questions might fly through our minds such as: Why doesn’t my home look like that? How can I make my living space more exciting/engaging/comfortable etc? Am I really expected to keep up with every new interior trend? I found the editor’s letter over on the Elle Decoration UK blog an interesting and refreshing insight into this and essentially, no, of course people can’t change their interior accessories every season in order to keep up with a trend. And I would argue that neither would you want to! I’d much prefer to have items in my home that told a story or were a reflection of my/my family’s character in some way.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some images from the House to Home website with you that I think provide a good visual example of how you can use items from your everyday life as design elements within your home. In this case, the item is print reading material. Take a look at how books and magazines are used to great effect as focal points in these rooms:





What do you think? Do you have a stash of magazines that you could use in the same way? You can see the full tour here.

Images via House to Home

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