Blognix titleOn Saturday I went to my first ever blogging conference – Blognix. It was held at The Custard Factory in Birmingham and is the blogging conference child of Elizabeth from Rosalillium. It just so happened that T had to work in Birmingham over the weekend so it made sense to travel up with him and go to the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t recommend it highly enough to you! The bloggers who were chosen to speak are real experts in their field and I learnt so much during the day. I have  tons of notes in my notebook and so many new blogs, podcasts and you tube tutorials to check out as a result of hearing about some of the best blogging practice out there that it’s crazy.

Blognix 1One of the seminars I attended was run by Lucy who writes ‘Captured by Lucy’. She’s an amazing photographer and she shared some of her top styling techniques and photography tips. As someone who has zero experience in photography, it was incredibly useful. To be honest, a lot of the time I’m not happy with the images I post on my blog (the ones that I take I mean). It’s something that I’ve been looking to improve for a while. I’m hoping that by putting Lucy’s techniques into action, you will see some notable improvements in the quality of the images I’m sharing from my phone/camera! I’ll share more about Lucy’s workshop soon but it’s another post that I’m currently working on so I’m saving most of what I learned for another day.

Blognix 2In my opinion, one of the best things about a blogger event is that you usually find there is a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere and Blognix was no exception. Bloggers are nice people! I went to Blognix on my own yet I never felt awkward or out of place during the day as everyone was really happy to network, meet new people and make folk feel at home.

Talking of networking, the image above is of a conversation starter card that I snapped on my iphone. They were placed around the event as a way to engage people in conversation either in person or via social media. I posted this image on my instagram account so if you have an answer for me, find me over there and let me know! I’m thinking of making some conversation cards like this the next time we have people over for a party…

As well as learning about photography, I got some amazing advice from London Beauty Queen on working with brands and charging for blog posts (another post I’m now working on as I’ve not had much luck looking for answers in this area until last weekend). I also dipped my toe in the water of podcasting with The High Tea Cast. So many talented people in one room – all of whom were more than willing to share their story and inspire and encourage other bloggers. On top of all this, Blognix is an affordable day conference with full price tickets costing £50 – that’s about half of a regular conference fee. If you get in early, which I didn’t his year sadly, the fee is just £35. Bargain! If you are interested in finding out more you can look on the Blognix website or follow the hashtag #Blognix14 on social media.

I’m hoping Blognix will run again next year as I want to go back. Who’s coming with me?

Images – Celebrate Creation

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  1. A great post – I know what you mean about not being terribly happy about some of your own photos, I feel exactly the same. Although I ended up going to the workshop run by Kim Lawler instead of the Lucy’s photography workshop (and Kim was fab, a highlight of my day) so I’m looking forward to reading your post about Lucy’s workshop. I shall have to choose the alternate workshops if I go again next year!

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