San Francisco home tour

It’s holiday time for T and I next week – we are off to visit San Francisco! I’ve always wanted to go and am so excited that our trip is nearly here. I’ve been researching restaurants, shopping and visitor attractions pretty frequently and even made a board over on Pinterest dedicated to the city. I’m a planner and half the fun for me is researching our holiday destination and planning what we might do when we’re there.

I’ve also been searching for home tours in San Francisco as I’ve heard that the city has a strong art scene and I’m interested to see how this influences interior design. I loved the industrial styling in this San Francisco home and so thought I’d share it with you today.




Chic-and-Stylish-Old-School-Office-Interior-Design-of-Noe-Valley-Home-by-Lauren-Geremia-San-FranciscoThe home office is my favourite room in this house. It shows how you can create a look using just a few key pieces – the desk, lamp and bookcase in this instance. Throw in a large rug and some dark wooden flooring and you’re there!

We are staying in an Air b’n’b rental in San Francisco which looks gorgeous so I’ll be sure to share some snaps of the interior design used there too. You can follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing other design lovliness whilst we are away as I’ll be posting inspirations over there next week.

Image via Californiamarkt Interior design by Lauren Geremia

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