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French shop

Over the summer I’ve been looking out for vibrant colours to photograph in an attempt to strengthen my creative eye and inject a bit more colour in my life. I’m such a fan of grey that I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in a rut or become averse to using colour in and around our home. I currently have yet another 3 tester pots out on the kitchen table as we look for a colour to paint the kitchen and also have some carpet samples on the floor in the living room as we are buying new carpet for the house. Bet you can’t guess which colour pallets they are all in? Yep, grey. Oh dear. So, I’m making it my mission to use colour as much as I can in accessories! I’ll do a home tour one day and share my progress with you.

What’s your favourite colour? Do you find it tricky to use anything else when decorating? I’m going to be continuing my quest for colour this week and will share my photographs on Instagram under the hashtag #questforcolour. Feel free to use the hashtag too if you want to join in or if you have some colour inspirations to share with me.

Have a good week,


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