Recent happenings

Recent happenings mosaic

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and if you live in the UK, didn’t get too wet in the rain on this gorgeous bank holiday! I joined the other crazy people at the local Homebase to stock up on paint as the sun wasn’t out so we couldn’t have a bank holiday bbq. I spent this afternoon painting the kitchen and am planning a ‘before and after’ room tour once we have finished. Here’s some other bit and pieces I’ve been doing recently:

Reading: ‘Dark Fire’ by C.J Sansom. It’s the next book on my list for this year. I’ve read 6 out of 12 books on my list so far so need to speed up a bit if I’m going to finish by the end of the year. I keep getting distracted by other books…

Visiting: Lovely Lupton house in Devon. Some of our friends got married there this weekend, it was such a great day. One of the images above is from the grounds there. I found the ruined stone walls and bright flowers so beautiful together.

Making: T-shirts, bead lizards and origami birds as I helped lead craft activities at my church this past week for a children’s holiday club. I cycled into Richmond as part of my commute to the holiday club – you can see the view from one of Richmond’s bridges above.

Seeing: Lots of colour! I’ve been uploading colourful snaps to my Instagram feed this past week in an effort to look out for more colourful and interesting details in everyday life that I can take photographs of.

Planning: New kitchen decor. I’ll share some of my inspirations later on in the week. It’s been too long since I wrote an interiors post!

You can see my first ‘recent happenings’ post here.

Images all Celebrate Creation


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